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"...few years ago a technology limited us
today We are implementing our dreams..."

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About me.

My name is Marcin Ruciński. For several years in the field of my interest is the use of the latest available technologies and communication solutions in urban systems.
As a employee of the Municipal Office in Warsaw I was administrator and manager on ticketing system from which daily used by an estimated two million people. For this reason, many times during my work I had to stand the challenges comparable to surgery on a living heart. This system consisted of more than fifteen thousand pieces of various types of equipment such as validators, subway gates, ticket machines, etc.. In Poland at the moment in terms of scale and number of transactions is not comparable to that of another system functioning ticketing system. In 2012 I started with my team work related to the modification of the ticketing system, consisting in increasing the security of data coded on proximity cards. These works were completed with success at the beginning of 2015. In 2013 and 2015 I was an active part in the implementation of the program of urban - Warsaw Card. The introduction in 2016 of new rules and the manner of encoding ehologramu in exchange for sticking traditional hologram on proximity cards is a large part of my idea. In 2016, as a person coordinating the work of the team implemented the Warsaw 200 pieces of new mobile inspectors terminals, which replaced the first control devices contactless cards delivered in 1997-2000.
In the course of my work frequently I took part in the conferences which were the subject of technologies and solutions for various types of urban systems and systems as well as collecting and analyzing data. Very often in the course of the conference, I was asked about the occurrence, participations in the discussion and presentation of proposals for technological solutions.
The knowledge and experience of very many times it was noticed and appreciated also abroad by other municipal offices and commercial companies. In 2012, I was among member of the working group. market analysis NFC technology in the organization EMTA - European Metropolitan Transport Authorities. In 2014, I took part in the program implemented by one of the Ministries in South Korea called. ICT Global Leadership Program, whereas in the years 2015 and 2017 I was a speaker during the World Conference Transport & Ticketing.
Several times I was also invited by the South Korean government to participate in the exclusive conference - Global Project Plaza. The conference in which took part representatives from around the world and the topics were, among others, smart city, energy planning, mobile technologies.
Due to the interest and my experience often took part in the implementation of projects related to mobile solutions, ITS and SmartCity.
Therefore, I invite you to read my proposals as well as to direct contact me at +48 602 697 766 or by e-mail marcin@marcinrucinski.pl.

My offer.
My knowledge and experience is addressed to individuals, businesses, commercial and municipal authorities, provincial and central government.

My proposal are:
  • consulting
  • contactless card technology
  • technology solutions for public schemes including SmartCity
  • solutions mobile technology
  • solutions and technology applications payment
  • solutions related to systems, big data, open data and small data
  • care and assistance
  • management and implementation of projects
  • systems management of municipal services
  • opinions on dossiers
  • solutions for urban systems and automatic fare collection
  • solutions for identification systems
  • solutions for systems-based solutions using mobile technology

Due to the extensive experience and knowledge cordially invite you to contact also in the subject that is not listed above.

Kilkunastoletnie doświadczenie i wiedza to moje atuty.

Marcin Ruciński Consulting
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